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Where Identity, Law, and Politics Meet. 

Founded in 2020, the Law Office of Attorney Ambur C. Smith PLLC is a professional limited liability company and virtual law firm, empowering social entrepreneurs and professionals to protect their interests, run successful businesses, and close good deals; one after another. 



Leveraging support staff and cloud technology, Attorney Smith, better known as Ambur, is prepared to solve your problems wherever there's WiFi.



Whether hoping to memorialize or negotiate the terms of a new contract, or renegotiating the terms of an existing agreement, Ambur is prepared to represent your interests while preserving your business relationships across industries. 

Contact Ambur for help drafting the following Agreements:

  • Nondisclosure 

  • Operating

  • Service(s) 

  • Independent Contractor

  • Distribution

  • Partnership

  • Investor

  • Board Member

and more. 


 As counsel to diverse creatives, Ambur understands the legal concerns of artists and media companies, ranging from social media influencers and content creators to design labels and film and tv production studios. 


Armed with a range of experience, she is eager to provide assistance negotiating agreements and protecting your brand through trademark filings, copyright and guild registration.



With a decade of professional campaign experience, Ambur is prepared to assist you and your organization as it relates to building strategic coalitions among communities of color, managing effective field teams, digital organizing and voter protection, all while embracing diversity, equity and inclusion as core principles. 



In addition to providing the legal services described above, Ambur is excited to support the next generation of diverse attorneys in their pursuit of licensure, by providing holistic and affordable counseling throughout the bar exam preparation process. 


Having represented community and national lenders in the context of multimillion dollar commercial real estate loan transactions, Ambur is prepared to ensure Borrowers understand how to effectively negotiate commercial finance deals and protect their property interests as developers, landlords, and tenants.



Recognizing the immense opportunity cannabis presents as an emerging industry, Ambur has taken the initiative to monitor the evolving legal landscape for hemp and marijuana growth and dispensing under federal and state law. As such, she is prepared to offer consulting in relation to:​

  • Marijuana Enteprenuership

  • Hemp Enteprenuership

  • Dispensary and Craft Grower License Application Drafting and Submission

  • Promoting Social Equity within the Cannabis Industry



   Driven by the notion that where there is neglect there is opportunity, our firm seeks to provide relatable and reliable transactional services to diverse clients in evolving, global industries. By leveraging the cultural awareness and strategic communication skills cultivated by our founder while traveling throughout Africa, Europe, and the United States, we are uniquely prepared to find sustainable solutions to the complex legal and political problems that prevent clients from reaching their individual and organizational goals. In doing so, we help our clients build lasting business relationships and close mutually beneficial deals, one after another.  


  We are also eager to empower aspiring attorneys from historically marginalized backgrounds with the skills to obtain licensure nationwide; by introducing them to our customizable curriculum outlining a holistic approach to managing stress and mastering skills inherent to bar exam preparation and law practice. Email to learn how you can support or benefit from our efforts to diversify the legal industry through our supplemental bar prep programming. 

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   Ambur was born and raised in Glendale, Wisconsin, a small suburb of Milwaukee, on August 24th. As the youngest of three outspoken siblings, Ambur understood early on the importance of advocating for herself and what she believed in. It was not until an Elections course her sophomore year of high school, however, that she discovered she could make a meaningful career out of doing so. Upon graduating from high school, she went on to Hampton University, a private Historically Black College and University (HBCU) in southern Virginia, on an academic scholarship, determined to gain the skills necessary to be an effective legal and political advocate. 

      While at Hampton, Ambur's organizing skills flourished as she worked for local, state and national political campaigns. During her sophomore year, at just 19 years old, she was invited to introduce First Lady Michelle Obama during an on campus rally days before President Barack Obama's re-election in 2012. Inspired by the opportunities political engagement had offered her, yet curious about the impact she could have on a global scale, Ambur volunteered in Ghana, West Africa as an Operation Crossroads Africa ambassador the summer before her senior year. This experience sparked her desire to dedicate her legal and political career to advancing human rights in America and abroad. 

    Ambur attended Georgetown Law, immediately after graduating from Hampton, where her exploration of international law and politics continued. As a law student, she worked on Capitol Hill, taught human rights and criminal justice in DC public high schools, traveled to South Africa and Kenya with multiple human rights legal clinics and served as a student government representative and an Executive Board member for several on campus organizations, including the Women of Color Collective (WoCC) which she and four other students revived to become a thriving coalition of diverse women during her third and final year. Upon graduation, she accepted an offer to join the Corporate Department of Dinsmore and Shohl LLP to explore new areas of the law and refine the research and writing skills acquired during her academic career. After two years in the firm's Commercial Finance and Banking practice group, Ambur accepted an offer to join the Ohio Democratic Party as the Deputy Director of Voter Protection for the 2020 general election cycle. In the next phase of her career, she is inspired to continue marrying her passion for human rights oriented legal reform and political and legal strategy on a daily basis. 


Licensed to practice law in the District of Columbia and the state of Ohio, Ambur has experience consulting in the areas of business law and political strategy nationwide. In her free time, she serves as the Chief Legal Officer for iFly Youth, a DC based 501(c)(3) organization cultivating the next generation of global women of color leaders, through international travel and community building. From 2020-2022, she served as Trustee of the Cincinnati Bar Foundation (CBF), co-chairing their annual Investing for Justice Campaign garnering over $200,000 
USD in donations. 



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